This is not what you are looking for

Anyway, since you’re here, you might as well waste some of that precious doomscrolling time and take a look.

This hasn’t been made for you

Yes, yes, no wanna be influencer here, not looking for any audience but eventually you might find something you accidentally like. That’s good, I’m happy for you if you do, I’m not an antisocial nihilist emo-teenager either.

This is not a product

I don’t care if you click on some banners, there aren’t any by the way, at least at the moment. At some point in the future I might explore the idea just to see if I can make it work. Even if this eventually happens I strongly suggest not to click on them. Hell I hate banners and I suspect you might share this feeling.

Some context

A million years ago, when the bits were young and orange character displays were cool (not really, they were already embarassingly outdated but that was all I could scrap for free or dirt cheap) there was a BBS called Mines of Moria. I know you probably have no idea what a BBS is and I know for sure you don’t care about Mines of Moria but this site is not about you and is not trying to please you, remember? Good, now, were was I? Ah yes, the BBSs and the convoluted spirals of cyberspace flashing under your fingertips at the lightning fast speed of 235 characters per second. Mines of Moria was one of them in the roaring ’90s, it managed to create an amazing albeit nerdy community, most of all it was mine and then died, killed by the Internet and by the need to find a real job. The italian BBS crackdown of 1994 didn’t help either but I’m getting carried away as the old fool that I am. At some point there will be a blog post about this (to read or to avoid) .

Who am I?

Not that you care or should care but since you insist…

You’re not insiting I know but this is my site so I decide what to write. As a safety measure I remind you that there’s a little X icon at the top right of your window that can set you free, at the top left if you’re browsing from a Mac or wherever you decided it should be if you’re using Linux. Mobile users you may swipe up as fast as you can.

I’m a nerd from a time when it was definitely not cool to be one, despite that, I managed to survive and, having transitioned from moving bits to filling Excel cells, I now work as an IT middle manager in one of the mega corporations out there.

So what?

A great album by Miles Davis.

No, seriously, so what? This is the question and the answer for once is not 42.

I really don’t know, I suspect we’ll find out. There’ll probably be some fantasy stuff (these are the Mines of Moria after all, aren’t they?) and posts about other stuff I care about.